Singer denounces marijuana

Latwell Nyangu

Sungura musician Mlilo Joyinani has come guns blazing against youths who smoke marijuana (mbanje) in his new song, Siya Mbanje.

The Ushewokunze based artiste believes that youths play a critical role in development and they need to do away with drugs.

“I enjoy interacting with young people and I realised that the best way to reach out to them is through music, which can reach to all corners of the world.

“So in this song, Siya Mbanje, I am urging the youths to denounce drugs so that they can live long.

“Most of the youths are dying young due to abuse of substances and drugs. So if we can remain healthy, we can live long.

“I also have another song Tichazovei, which also speaks about youths’ future.”

Mlilo said, taking drugs is not a solution to challenges faced by the youths.

“What I want is for the young people not to take drugs as a relief to their problems.

“I have a video on the song Siyambanje Urarame and I am also trying to engage ministries such as Youth, Home Affairs, Primary and Secondary Education so that we produce a good video with kids and educators from all provinces participating.

“I think many young people are taking this song seriously and even those who smoke, meaning tikabatana senyika tinogona kukunda panyaya ye drug and substance abuse.

“I am also working on another song called Dzangove Mbanje. So music as art if I am still capable ndinongoimba.”

He said, there is a need for availing of information across all platforms which raise awareness against drugs.

“It’s information that is needed and the government through relevant ministries must provide funds at national level to raise awareness campaigns.”

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