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Bruce Chikuni, Entertainment Reporter

Upcoming rapper Emmanuel “Sleek Harris” Ngoma has expressed his dismay over suicidal thoughts amongst the young generation.

The rising singer says this ahead of the launch of his second EP which he believes will inspire young people from committing suicides.

In an interview with H-Metro Entertainment & Lifestyle, the rapper promised fireworks on his forthcoming project.

“The project is titled Houdini and I am putting final touches on it. It has to bring joy to the people.

“I have been touched by what I have been seeing on social media where many posts are talking about suicides.

“The young generation is committing suicides and I urge them to erase all such thoughts.

“This EP is an inspiration to the despair although I am still yet to decide the release date.

“The industry is very tense when you are still coming up.  It is difficult to get the desired attention from the fans.

“That is why am delaying the project a bit to study the waves. But I have seen the need to educate the fans on how to avoid suicidal thoughts,” he said.

He added:

“On the E.P am working with ABCN beats the sound Chef. I am still trying to engage other producer to add their touches on it. There is no collaboration, it is a solo project.

” I also want to urge producers, bloggers, promoters and djs to support upcoming artists.  That’s how the genre grows.

“We need their support to be heard out there. We need collective effort to take this genre to another level.”

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