Singer honours late musicians in song

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Singer honours late musicians in song Edwin “Biggerz Wakapiwa” Muronzi


Latwell Nyangu

MUTOKO-BASED Afro-fusion singer, Edwin “Biggerz Wakapiwa” Muronzi, has dropped a song dedicated to yesteryear late musicians.

The singer, who commands a 12-member band, Pitching Afro Band, says being part of the marginalised community should not stop anyone from prospering.

His 10th album, The Voice of Reason, tackles drug abuse and honours late musicians.

“The album is packed with messages since I engaged four engineers, including Bothwell Nyamhondera, Mono Mukundu, Makumbe Productions.

“I am also paying tribute to the late musicians in a song Tribute.

“This is my 10th album and I sing Afro-fusion, including mbira, ngoma, magitare nemabhosvo.

“I did a song on drug abuse and its consequences among our youths as well as warning them to desist from drug abuse.

“I also dedicated a song to all the great yester-year musicians, starting with Zex Manatsa, Dr Tuku and Soul Jah Love,” he said.

Biggerz also has a song, Rinzvenge Zirema, where he shared the message on all the challenges bedevilling young couples.

“I am tackling social ills affecting young couples today.

“Young people have a lot of problems in their marriages, it’s a double album loaded with hot songs,” he added.

The singer, who started recording in 2013 with his first album Zororai Murugare, has some decent songs such as Tidzikinurei, Chimusasa and Macharangwanda.

“Being in the rural areas doesn’t mean haubudirire.

Kubudirira hakuna kuti uri kupi because vese vari muHarare kune kwaakatobva.

“The second album was Restoration and Restitution, which has songs such as Mandivavarira, Kure Kure and Karigamombe.

“My third album was Tsaona Mumigwagwa followed by Varimudande, Dzora Mombe, Jikinya, Hukama, Hupenyu, Mbinga and my latest The Voice of Reason.

“I did several collaborations with the likes of Tete Pipilo, Vee Mhofu, Boss Popular, just to mention a few.”

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