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‘SINGLE MOTHERS ARE NOT LOOSE’ Samantha “Sammy” Mukombwe


Latwell Nyangu

RIGHTS activist, Samantha “Sammy” Mukombwe says society should desist from treating single mothers as women of loose morals.

The 32-year-old, who is blessed with a daughter, is calling for a change of perception on single mothers.

“People call us women of loose morals and we are looked down upon, while single men are not treated that way.

“We did not apply to be single mothers but life is just like that and society should change its perception.

“We also want good things but situations are different and it’s part of life,” she said.

The South Africa-based activist said they deal with a lot in life.

“Marriages can fail, women can lose their husbands and, at times, you just get impregnated and dumped, so it’s not fair to judge us.

“We are called all sorts of names yet we are also the most hard-working women, each time you think of your child, you put in more effort.

“In Zimbabwe, it’s like a crime to be a single mother.”

Samantha said she was also haunted by different names which are given to them.

“Zimbabwean men call us all sorts of names and they always think of having sex with us.

“If you tell a man that you are a single mother, the next thing he thinks of is sleeping with you.

“Very few men understand us but we also expect good things, we also work for our children.

“The level of discrimination is very high but we also have morals, for the sake of our children,” she said.

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