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SISTA KESSIA SHARES HIDDEN CALLING Kessia Masona with the late Mbuya Stella Chiweshe


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ENERGETIC dancer and choreographer, Kessia Masona, says she can foretell correct future events.

The versatile entertainer claims she also has the powers to expose evil people’s deeds.

However, Kessia doesn’t know whether she is a prophetess or a soothsayer.

She exclusively revealed her talent to H-Metro during the funeral wake of Mbuya Stella Chiweshe in Masembura on Tuesday.

She was a mentee of the late mbira queen who succumbed to cancer aged 76 on January 20.

“People might know me as a dancer and choreographer, but I am multi-talented,” said Kessia.

“I can predict what will happen in future in someone’s life because I have the talent to do so.

“Most of the things come in my dreams and they turn out to be true in most cases.

“Last year, I had a dream that Mbuya Chiweshe was coming to Zimbabwe on 25 May, which turned out to be true. When I called her about the dream, she then advised me to engage my elders for some rituals because she saw something unique in me.”

Kessia said she was ready to perform rituals with the help of her relatives.

“When I meet evil people on the streets, I can eAasily tell that the person needs some cleansing.

“This got me expelled from one of the churches I used to attend when I told the pastor that he was a wife-basher.

“I told the pastor that his wife had missed the service because she was in pain after he attacked her the previous night and he apologised in front of congregants in shame,” she said.

The dancer said it was high time people stick to their roots like Mbuya Chiweshe.

“Mbuya Chiweshe is the one who has been pushing me to follow my African culture.

“She had already given me a post at her Chivanhu Trust, which I gladly accepted.

“She also gave me this bracelet to keep for life as a sign of remembering the good deeds she did for us. I feel proud of myself to have worked with Mbuya Chiweshe during her lifetime,” she said.

Kessia is one of the artists who travelled to Masembura for the burial of Mbuya Chiweshe.

On Monday night, she doubled up as a director of ceremonies when mourners were still trickling in. She teamed up with mbira players comprising Vee Mhofu, Nyamasvisva, Sasha Amadhuve and Hwamanda Dance Troupe to celebrate the life of Mbuya Chiweshe in song and dance

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