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Tariroyashe Goredema and Arron Nyamayaro

…beheaded man yet to be buried

THE body of a beheaded man, whose head was found in a Funcargo at a roadblock search, is still to be buried six months after his grisly murder.

David Arendi was murdered in December last year in Workington Industries and the accused was arrested at a roadblock in Belvedere.

Family members feel they should have the body of their relative for burial but bureaucracy has been stalling their efforts for the past six months.

The family member, who opted to have her name protected, said Harare Central Hospital where the body was in mortuary was waiting for a doctor’s report.

“That we are still to bury our relative has caused more grief to relatives and friends demanding to know answers from responsible authorities.

“We lost our relative in unclear circumstances and some of the perpetrators are still to be brought to book but what is now adding salt to the wound is failure to take the body for burial,” said the family spokesperson.

“Hospital officials are holding onto the body as they require a doctor’s report for the release of the body.

“We have been visiting Harare (Central) Hospital for the past months and no action has been done.

“At first they said they were waiting for the test results from Bulawayo and we were patient enough with them, but another story kept on leading to the other.

“They later informed us that there was money to be paid to make the tests process faster but it never worked.

“They then said they were waiting for the doctor’s note to be able to release the body,” she said.

The family spokesperson pleaded with the government to take action in the matter since the hospital is failing to do justice to her late brother’s case.

“On behalf of the family we are pleading for government intervention since the hospital is not showing action, it has been six good months; we now need a solid reason why they can’t release David’s body.

“We have tried to pressure them but nothing has been done yet, it really pains us as family knowing that he is no more but not yet buried, his soul needs to rest in peace,” she added.

The body of the late David was found stashed in a latrine at the industrial area in Workington sometime in December last year.

Harare Central Hospital CEO Dr Munyaradzi Dobbie yesterday said he wanted to gather more information on what was happening pertaining the issue.

“I will need to look into the issue. I am not at work,” he said.

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