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‘SLASH PARKING FEES’ Shepherd Chikomba


Tanaka Mahanya

RESIDENTS have called for a reduction in parking fees and fines charged by the Harare City Council.

Parking and clamping fees are currently pegged at US$1 per hour and US$132 respectively.

Addressing a press conference yesterday, Zimbabwe National Organisation of Associations of Residents Trust chairperson, Shepherd Chikomba, said the Council and City Parking had been fleecing residents of their hard-earned money through parking fees and fines.

“We demand to know what the revenue collected by City Parking in Harare, for the past two years, has been used for.

“We also want to know how City Parking got to be awarded a tender to refurbish Rufaro Stadium, hence the need to clarify City Parking’s mandate within the Council and its shareholding structure since its inception,” he said.

He urged the Government to direct all Councils in Zimbabwe to charge US$0.50  or equivalent per hour as parking fees.

“A directive should come from the Government to suspend all exorbitant fines associated with parking fees and that Councils charge not more than US$20 for clamping and overdue parking tickets.

“Parking lanes must be clearly marked to avoid confusion when parking.

“We demand that Councils stop collecting parking fees from all unmarked parking spaces with immediate effect,” he said.

He said the Mayor and councillors in both Harare and Chitungwiza have neglected their core functions.

“Instead, Councillors have spent more time in courts fighting corruption charges.

“They fight with management to get stands or collect hefty allowances through unsanctioned trips to unending workshops,” he said.

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