Son up for mum’s murder

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Son up for mum’s murder Jephat Nyakupira


…attempts to burn corpse

…body buried without head

Latwell Nyangu and Ashley Mujoma
A mentally-challenged Mudzi man allegedly killed his mother before chopping her into pieces in a murder case that has left members of the community tongue-tied.

Jephat Nyakupira is alleged to have committed the heinous act last week.


He allegedly attempted to burn the corpse before burying it in a maize field about 55 metres away from their homestead.


Mashonaland East provincial police spokesperson Inspector Simon Chazovachii confirmed the incident.


“Allegations are that Jephat Nyakupira (28), who has been a mental patient since 2013, killed his mother,” he said.


“The deceased is Juliette Chapupuruka (65).


“On the day in question, a neighbour, Selina Chitonho (43) of Maruza Village, saw some goats grazing in Juliette’s field.


“She then chased the goats away before she went to see Jephat, who was alone at the house.


“She asked him about the whereabouts of his mother and he acted ignorant.”


Insp Chazovachii added: “Selina, in the company of Persuade Bvundura (19) conducted a search for Jephat’s mother before they found a fresh grave in the field, 55 metres from the house.


“They also found Juliet’s remains before reporting the matter to Suswe police base in Mudzi.


“CID Nyamapanda proceeded to the scene on February 3 where they dug up the remains of the deceased but the head was missing.


“The body was in an advanced stage of decomposition and some burns were found on body parts. A fireplace was also found near the field,” said Insp Chazovachii. He said a search was done to try and find the head.


“The reason why the police are suspecting Jephat is because he has mental challenges and was the only one who was at home at that time.”


Sources said they were terrified by the incident.


“He allegedly killed his mother before slicing her into pieces. He cut off her head and attempted to burn her.


“He went on to bury the body,” said a source.

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