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7 June 2018


. . .  not my choice

. . . people use juju on me

. . . Macheso should rejoin Madzibaba

FIERY dancer FRANCIS ‘SLOMO’ DAKA says it is God’s case that women have come into his life and gone.

The Extra Kwazvose leader seems to put all the answers to the powers that might be – that he has lost the first wife and child through death while the second left because of disagreements in marriage. The third was taken back by her parents because he was poor to marry a woman from an affluent family and that she could not marry a musician.

He is now settled with the fourth woman – a former dancer with Beverly Sibanda with who he has a child and is expecting another. Slomo has resorted to attending Madzibaba apostolic sects for divine intervention to his waning career. He believes someone is using juju on him. H-Metro reporters DELIGHT MAZURUSE and PRAISE MASVOSVA caught up with the electric dancer for an interesting conversation. Read on. . .

Q: Tell us about your waning fortunes?

A: At times things turn to be sour to me because some people come to me promising me ‘milk and honey’ but at the end of the day nothing comes out. At times we seal deals but the promoters pull out while giving reasons of cancelling the contracts. Promoters disappoint me on the last minute which is a disadvantage to me because I would have relaxed trying to stick to the contract but at the end of the day I will be on the losing end. I have a lot to offer to the people but financial constraints are hindering my progress.

I am appealing to sponsors to intervene so that I realise my goals. I believe I have all the talent to put sungura genre on the map. I need sponsors who can help to shoot videos so that I show the world what I am made of. People know me because of my dancing skills so I have to shoot videos. There are some people who are also going to the promoters telling them that they should not engage my services.

Q: Do you suspect that there are people using juju against you?

A: Yes, it’s a possibility because I don’t understand what is going in my career because a lot of people like my music but I am not getting anything out of it.

There are also some people who are trying to tarnish my image to promoters and potential sponsors.

People hate me because I left (Alick) Macheso and many people try all means to persuade me to go back to Macheso. I always tell them to do the same to Macheso to persuade him to go back to Nicholas “Madzibaba” Zakaria.

Q: How are you dealing with your problems?

A: I go to Johane Masowe yeChishanu to seek divine intervention, there is Madzibaba Ramy who is helping me with prayers.

Q: Are you in good books with Macheso?

A: Yes, we are in good books. I haven’t gotten an opportunity to talk to Macheso but if I get a chance we will talk. I wish Macheso could surprise me by attending one of my shows like what I have done to his shows. It was going to be nice if he had invited me to his album launch where I will meet many sungura lovers.

Q: Given a chance would you like to rejoin Macheso?

A: I cannot rejoin Macheso because I have opened my company. It will not be a good signal for me to ditch my company going to work for someone yet I am the boss.


Q: What do you miss from Macheso?

A: I don’t miss anything but I feel I have taken the best decision because leaving Macheso gave me an opportunity to show people the other talent I have besides dancing, for example people did not know that I am a writer, singer and guitarist.

I don’t miss Macheso because I am still singing and dancing the same things which I was doing when I was with Macheso.

Q: Tell us about your marital status?

A: I am married to Lona Guvheya, she is now my wife number four. I first married a Zambian woman and we sired a son but they both (wife and son) died. I then married my second wife but due to disagreements we separated.

I also separated with my third wife because her parents took her away from me indicating that I was poor and could not fend for her needs.

They also said their daughter could not be married to a musician but if it was not that we should have been together like now because we had no serious problems. I bore sons with all the women I was married to. It has not been rosy in all the relationships.

I then fell in love with one of Beverly Sibanda’s dancer – Lona – and she is my wife number four. I am a dancer and musician, so I cannot stay without a wife. Having a wife will save me from temptations we come across during shows.

We are expecting our second child together; she is due for delivery this month.

Q: How do you spend your week?

A: I am an artiste so I spend much of my time rehearsing and you have come at a right time when I am putting final touches to my new album due for release end of next month.

It is my fourth album entitled Kumberi Kwenzara Maguta. It carries seven tracks.

To date, I have three albums namely Ndizvo Zviripo, Zvepasirino and Zvipo Zvedu. I also released two singles last year which received fair share of airplay.

Q: There are reports that you have fallen on hard times, how far true is it?

A: Chakafukidza dzimba matenga, honestly my life is just fine and I cannot complain. The good Lord is taking great care of me. I am getting enough for me and my family that’s all people can wish for; my life is well. Those who think I have fallen on hard times are lying. I am paying my bills on time.

Q: How often do you get shows?

A: At times I get one show per week or might not even get any show.

I think God is answering my prayers because this week I have three shows. On Friday I am entertaining people at Joy Centre in the capital, another show on Saturday in Renco Mine and I will be wrapping up the weekend with another show in Chivi on Sunday.

Q: What have you achieved so far?

A: I have managed to acquire a guitar (Sanchez) and I am taking good care of my family. To some it’s not an achievement but to me it’s a great stride.

Q: Your wife used to be Bev’s dancer, why are you stopping her to go back on stage?

A: She is no longer a dancer and she doesn’t want to go back to her dancing profession. She is happy to be with me and right now she cannot wait to come back home. If she was still interested she would have gone back considering we have been married for a while.

We are in good books with her former employer Bev.

Q: Tell us more about your plans?

A: There is an American guy who saw my dancing skills on YouTube and he got hold of me and he promised me to organise a world tour for me.



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