SNIPER RIDES STORM TO GET HIS DREAM CAR. . . says everyone wants these luxury cars

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SNIPER says he rode a social media STORM, in which he was ridiculed for begging for a car from Wicknell Chivayo, before finally seeing his wish come true.

The chanter received a Mercedes Benz C200 from Chivayo yesterday.

In an interview with H-Metro, Sniper said:

“The social media trolls have made me stronger because my wish has been granted.

“I have realised that I should not pay attention to them because the level of hate language is out of this world.

“I have noted that there are angry people on social media streets, who are ready to fire some shots at people, who are raising genuine issues,” he said.

The energetic performer saluted Chivayo for silencing those who were mocking him.

“Sir Wicknell has managed to silence all those people who spoke ill of me when I begged for a car.

“I was only trying my luck and God answered my prayers.

“All those people, who were firing shots at me, also want these cars. I have never heard of anyone who doesn’t want nice things in life,” he said.

He added:

“I have noticed that I should not be ashamed to speak my heart out.

“Of course, I got my car later when others had already been gifted but I was confident that I might get mine if I begged him.

“I last met him two years ago at some function and I simply greeted him but I didn’t know that one day he would be my benefactor.”

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