Snuff-taking slay queens fall into trance at gig

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Snuff-taking slay queens fall into trance at gig Machembere on stage


Trust Khosa, Assistant News  Editor

Slay queens taking traditional snuff and falling into a trance during mbira shows need love, a mbira queen and spiritualist has said.

So common are these slay queens during mbira shows.

This was said by mbira queen Sasha Amadhuve who has been revisiting our roots through mbira.


Last Friday – Sasha, who passed through the tutelage of her late aunt Edna “Mbuya Madhuve” Chizema – left merry-makers in awe as she headlined a traditionally themed mbira show held at Big Apple Nite Club.


She shared the stage with Andy Muridzo and rising mbira player Swerongoma, thanks to the Bira Remadzisahwira Movement under the aegis of Nyasha “Machembere” Dope.

Machembere is also registered arts and cultural promoters running two entertainment stables.


Although it was set to be an ordinary show, the show triggered hidden spirits as ‘slay’ queens took centre stage as they fell into a trance.


Others could be seen taking traditional snuff while others were clad in traditional garbs and the seemingly popular hunters’ cloth know as jira reretso.


Speaking to H-Metro Entertainment & Lifestyle, Sasha said it was encouraging to touch people’s hearts though music.


“No matter how rich we are or educated we might become; we need to stick to our roots.


“Wherever I perform, I have seen people getting possessed and sometimes we move around with elders who then play their part in calming down these guys.


“I have also seen a number of slay queen who genuinely fall into a trance   and that is the sign that they still follow our traditional culture,” she said.


With a number of young women embracing traditional culture, Sasha said they deserve love.


“I have realised that some people are a bit skeptical when dealing with people who get possessed but they need to embrace them.


“I also know that these people are sometimes marginalised or discriminated but we need to show them genuine love.


“You might be shocked that we have many people who get possessed in churches who don’t want to come in the open and get help,” she said.


In another interview, Machembere said her movement has also unearthed hidden talents that were lying idle.


“Besides giving upcoming artistes exposure to perform, cultural enthusiasts now have a platform where they can come and do their things.


“Of late, we have noted a sharp increase in the number of people taking snuff and those who fall in a trance, which shows that chivanhu still exists.


“We might despise it but people still follow their traditional culture and it’s encouraging when slay queens are the ones on the forefront,” she added.




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