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DENVER MUKAMBA’S situation sounds and looks dire. It’s fraught with hopelessness and the young man may not even realise it.

He may not – because of the things happening in his life – be wise enough to realise how desperate his situation is. He may be thinking he is not the first footballer to be labelled like this. He may even have great examples of former players who were in such dire straits but rose to revive their careers and lives.

What he may not know is the amount of work that such players put in. It is very difficult to rise from a low that has battered your talent, ego and self-respect. It is a struggle to climb out of such depths and start anew.

Denver must have worked so hard to become the star that he once was. He left Zimbabwe for South Africa as the best player plying his trade in the country and he had an accolade to show for it. It was not easy to reach those heights and they took him to the more affluent leagues of South Africa at a time when it looked like the sky is the limit for him.

However, for whatever reason, he fell before he had completed his rise and it is now up to us to redeem him before we start pointing at him in the streets of Mbare saying, “that one! He was almost a great, but life dealt him a hard blow.”

His manager has spoken out and he sounds concerned, but the manager is not the only person in Denver’s life. Denver also has a family, a team, a technical team and friends. All these have a role to play in restoring Denver’s legacy and bringing him back to the pitch.

Chances are one or two of these people have given up on Denver and want nothing more to do with him. That should be understood and accepted. If that person is Lloyd Mutasa for example, then Denver’s contract must be terminated and he must move elsewhere where he can get a new start in life and in football.

Certainly all the people in Denver’s life care more about his life than football. It is high time they ask themselves how they can serve Denver instead of how he can serve them. The young man is either a mess or in one so what he needs now is people who can get him out of that situation.

Sometimes in life we have to think about the next person even if it will never benefit us to help him. This is the time to do such a thing for Denver, this is the time to help the young man instead of watching him fall. And as for Denver, not is the time to shut up and listen.

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