Sodbury stakeholders in crisis meetings

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Sodbury stakeholders in crisis meetings


12 July 2018


Parents and Sodbury High School authorities on Tuesday had a consensus meeting at Queen Elizabeth High to save the situation obtaining at the learning institution.

The tense meeting was chaired by the district education inspector Roadan Masarirambi, who was blamed by the new SDA chairperson Alice Chirenje-Munyoro.

She blamed him for harbouring biases in favour of the school administrators and the managing director, Spencer Banda.

Chirenje-Munyoro said her contributions were in line with the views his committee shared and remained adamant that Banda should not interfere in the day to day running of the school.

She also demanded that parents have access to the education qualifications of the teachers as that will help parents know what they are dealing with regarding pass rates.

“We do not want the managing director to be part of the school administrators.

“It seems Mr. Masarirambi you have a bias towards the presence of Banda. Hatisi kumuda Banda, ngaabve! He should just shut-up,” said Chirenje-Munyoro.

Chirenje-Munyoro is the one some parents blamed for leaking on social media pictures of the “appalling state of the school” with some rebuking her for taking the matter personal.

One parent however told Chirenje-Munyoro to look elsewhere for a place for her child if her intentions at the meeting were not to find solutions to the problems the school is facing.

Another parent also said she is feeling “ashamed of what is happening at the school because my friend in Egypt” heard of the sad developments.

The meeting also revealed that there are funds that have been misused by both the old and new school development associations.

“You need to find solutions to what happened only by planning initiatives that help the school into the future. What happened about the finances is now water under the bridge but you should decide when you will meet, both committees, and have a hand over that will establish how the finances were used,” said Masarirambi.

The school head, Tapfumanei Gondo, also advised parents to desist from saying bad things about the school.

“I am the head of the school and the head for every child under our custody. If parents have problems, please come through and we will talk about everything and not to use social media to launch complaints,” said Gondo.

The parties resolved that the previous and current school development committees will meet on August 4 for a report on finance management.

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