Solar traffic lights for city

08 Oct, 2020 - 11:10 0 Views
Solar traffic lights for city The newly installed solar-powered traffic control lights in Kadoma (Picture by Lovemore Chazingwa)


Lovemore Chazingwa in KADOMA.

Infrastructural matrix in City of Kadoma got a huge facelift with the installation of solar-powered road traffic control lights in the central business district (CBD).

The solar-powered traffic regulation lights come in handy easing congestion in the city.


With the coming in of this state of the art solar-powered traffic control lights, a new leaf may be on the horizon.


“The high volume of traffic and inconveniences obtaining within that particular area necessitated the need to establish the traffic control lights there,” explained mayor Alderman Action Nyamukondiwa in an interview.


The funding for the whole project is from the council purse.


“Funding for the whole project is from council coffers. It is a project that has been on the cards for some time now but resource constraints have been stifling us,” he added.


But while the traffic lights have started working, there are no attendant road markings at the intersection to demarcate pedestrian and vehicle sections as is the standard where electronic traffic control mechanisms are in place.


A full council meeting has recommended another such mechanism at the notorious black spot, the usually crowded Waverley bus rank be put in place.


Ald Nyamukondiwa said high density areas like Rimuka will also have their share of such infrastructure.


As guide maps are being forwarded to the mayor’s office, Mupamombe junction is one area set to have an electronic traffic controlled system in the not so distant future.


Urban traffic control trend is moving toward solar-powered systems to obliterate the bane of hydro-electric and thermal energy powered systems which are proving unsustainable within economies.


Sustainable development goals and energy experts across the globe recommend crossing the floor to solar power due to its cleanliness, low cost and uninterrupted supply among a several benefits.

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