Son applies for maintenance

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Son applies for maintenance


4 January 2019

A HARARE Institute of Technology (HIT) lecturer was yesterday hauled to court for a post majority maintenance claim by one of his children.

Cuthbert Gweshe, 19, was applying that his father Victor Gweshe be held responsible for his education at Speciss College.

It was Cuthbert’s case that his father had failed to pay for his college fees for two months and was claiming $120 per month for his education and transport.

“I am 19 and currently studying Telecommunications at Speciss College and my father is a lecture at HIT and he hasn’t been paying my fees for the past two months.

“I had to ask my aunt to pay for me otherwise I could not have set for any examination.

“I want him to pay for my $70 fees and transport which is almost $50 per month, my mother will cater for my food and other needs,” he said.

In his submissions, the lecturer said he was opposed to his son enrolling at the school.

“He shouldn’t be at that school in the first place because he failed his Mathematics, I want him to have a better grade in the subject and then we can talk about his education.

“I am prepared to pay his fees anytime soon but it’s only that the past two months had been hectic with me, I lost my cellphone and we did not communicate,” he said.

The lecturer consented to paying his son’s fees and transport.

Presiding magistrate Gladys Moyo granted the post majority maintenance of $120 in favour of Cuthbert Gweshe, order is effective end of January.


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