Mangaliso Kabulika

A HIGHFIELD woman claims her son tried to rape her in the latest chapter of the violence he has been inflicting on her.

Angela Makwavarara has been granted protection by the Harare Civil Court and her son, David Matsungu, 39, has been barred from abusing her.

He has also been ordered to leave her house by tomorrow.

She wept in court and revealed she once took an overdose her blood pressure pills, in an attempt to kill herself, due to the abuse which was being inflicted by her son.

“I’m sick and tired of him. He has brought three different women in the past three months to my house and he insulted me with obscenities after I advised him not to do so.

“He is very violent, even when his wife was still around. He refuses to give me rent money as we agreed. He must leave my house since he is now 39 and work for his own property like a man. What wrong did I do? I took him to school and did everything for him.

“He must respect me, I’m his mother and not his friend. I can’t be killed by my own son.”

David said: “She must not meddle in my relationships and I have never brought many women as she is claiming.

“She has diabetes and high blood pressure and if this court grants her a protection order, who will buy her food?”

Magistrate Johanna Mukwesha granted Angela a protection order valid for five years and told David to evacuate his mother’s house by tomorrow.

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