Songress dedicates song to Chivaviro

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Songress dedicates song to Chivaviro Mandy Muparuri


Trust Khosa, Assistant News Editor

AFRO-FUSION artiste Mandy Muparuri says she still misses her idol Chiwoniso Maraire, seven years after her death.

Sista Chi – as the mbira queen was fondly known by the legion of her fans – died aged 37, leaving a void difficult to fill.

And Mandy, who has been playing the departed diva’s cover versions during live shows, said the Covid-19 induced lockdown has prompted her to pen a song in dedicated to her.

She says Sista Chi made her believe in herself even though she didn’t have an opportunity to serve her camp.

Mandy would listen to her music  and  attend her shows where she got some advice.

Titled Poor Girl, the love song, which has been on rotation on various radio stations, will have an accompanying video soon.

“I have been busy in the studio on lockdown and I decided to compose this song – Poor Girl – which was first played on Star FM.

“I have held a series of interviews with other radio stations and a video will be coming soon.

“The shooting has been affected by the ongoing lockdown but we will find a way to ensure that the video is out.

“I have been working with my manager/sponsor Mr Tich Mukoshori who has been pushing me to aim hire,” she said.

The Mbare bred girl, who was raised by a single parent after the death of her father, has vowed to resume online shows to engage fans.

“I have been holding a series of public shows with my band but with lockdown, there is need for us to think outside the box.

“As such, I will be holding online shows that will be streamed via Facebook life as is the case with others,” she said.

Asked how she was spending the lockdown period with her peers, she said:

“I’m either indoors or on studio here in Mbare where I work closely with my producer infinity.

“After studio work, I go straight home to be with my family  and we can’t afford to be reckless.

“What I’m thinking of at the moment is music and nothing else,” she said.

Besides playing mbira, Mandy who also plays reggae and Afro pop said she wanted to be a complete artiste.

“Of course I play mainly cover versions but I have been learning other genres and instruments to be a complete artiste.

“This has helped me to grow since I was to be my own woman.

“I have also realised that I need to keep myself busy on Covid-19 lockdown and interact as much as I can with fans,” she said.

Mandy was born on May 1 1998 at Edith Opperman in Mbare, Harare.

She is the second born in a family of three – two girls and a boy.

Her father Palm Muparuri is now late while the mother Estella Banda is still alive.

She attended Glen View 3 Primary School Harare.

For her secondary education, she attended Marlborough High and Parkingson High in the Midlands.

At Ordinary Level, I attained eight subjects namely Mathematics, English Language, Integrated Science, Commerce, Religious Studies, Food and Nutrition (practical), Geography and History.

She could not proceed to A Level after failing to raise funds for my schools fees.

She is now a full time musician and have passion for the constructing industry as a painter.

She nyonga nyonga mbira (thumb piano) and hand rattles (hosho).

Besides playing mbira, she also into reggae and Afro pop which makes me a versatile artiste.

She used to play in church  and now she entertain fans in upmarket pubs and private events.

She is currently working under the Seke Mutema Music Stable under the aegis of Tich Mushokori.

She the stable in December last year when she was introduced to him by Star FM presenter, DJ Mbale.

“I met DJ Mbale during the Ndipe Mic Session Shoot hosted by Zim Celebs and he recommended me to Mr Mushokori who took me on board.

“Under his management, a lot has changed since he is sponsoring my studio recording be it videos or visuals.

“I am no longer doing a lot on my own since he is assisting me to run my business affairs.

“He is also helping me to set up a strong live band  and we are using the name The Future,”  she said.

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