Songstress Mutamba releases new single

27 Apr, 2022 - 00:04 0 Views
Songstress Mutamba releases new single Gamuchirai Mutamba


Paul Pindani in CHINHOYI

RISING Afrojazz songstress, Gamuchirai Mutamba, is set to  release a single titled ‘Wakandivimbisa.’

Mutamba told H-Metro the song relates to some marriages where the husband decides to go and live in the Diaspora.

“He stays there for years forgetting he left a pregnant wife,” she said.

“They had agreed kuti achadzoka,but now mwana atokura and he doesn’t know his father.”

Mutamba said she was now a well packaged dynamite, ready to explode on the local musical scene.

She said plans were afoot to have visuals for the song.

She produced a video of the song, ‘‘Chikomana Cheguruve,’’ on April 11.

However, she bemoaned the lack of funds to bankroll her projects.

“That is why we take long tisina chatashanda, it’s due to lack of funds,” said Mutamba.

“I am also struggling to assemble and have my own band.

“I want to urge music promoters not to only concentrate on established artists but to come down here at the grassroots, where talent is galore.”

She appealed to the corporate world and well-wishers to help nurture her talent.

“ I hope there are some sympathetic people out there who are willing to nurture me and invest in my talent.

“I need about US$2000 for a start.”

To date, she has recorded seven songs Nyakubereka Amai, Teerera,Weminana, Hatina Zororo, Chishuwo, Chikomana Cheguruve and Moyo Uri Kubvinza.

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