Songstress wants to open orphanage

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Songstress wants to open orphanage Memory “Mutare Girl” Mundende


Latwell Nyangu, H-Metro Reporter

Rumba and Afro pop singer Memory “Mutare Girl” Mundende says she wants to open an orphanage to help the vulnerable children.

The 28-year-old says she started her journey as a dancer with different groups before relocating to South Africa in 2015 for greener pastures.

“I relocated to SA since the situation at home was very bad and as a first born I had to make a plan to change our lives. I am still chasing my dream and I wish one day if I can make it in this music industry.


“I want to open an orphanage in which I need to take care of children who have no proper home.


“The feeling of being not loved, with no parents is not good and I know how it feels, so I need to create a home for homeless and vulnerable.


“Currently I am working with Iton from Dustyroad which is managed by Boss Vegga and Itonmusic.


“I know with these people will take me to greater heights,” she said.


Memory began her journey at the age of 16.


“Before my music I was a dancer and during that time I was 16 where I used to dance with many dance groups including New Generation, Casablanca, Amigos in Chitungwiza among others.


“I became a singer in 2013 when I was staying in Old Mutare before I met with Blessing ‘Deccoh Man ‘Mateko in 2013.


“He told me to pursue singing before I did a freestyle and he was impressed.


“Decco man then took me to a Topper Records with DJ Budzareal,” she added.


She said her initial producers were patient.


“These guys were patient with me prompting a collaboration with Decoh Man in a song called Nguya yangu.


“That’s was my beginning to singing.


“Budzareal and Deco Man helped me to keep singing even though it wasn’t easy since the studio was 5 km away from home.


“I never got tired even though it was very far,” she added.

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