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WICKNELL Chivayo’s estranged wife, Sonja Madzikanda, has been LIKING messages on social media, including one which describes the businessman as ARROGANT.

Since she announced that she had split from Wicknell, Sonja has been receiving support from many social media users.

And, she has been liking some of the messages which are directly attacking Chivayo which, in the social media world, is an indication that she agrees with what would have been posted.

She went on like another comment, which said that it was embarrassing that Chivayo was going on a car buying spree, without consulting his wife.

Over these past few months Chivayo has spent a considerable fortune buying cars for artists and his fellow church members.

However, this is not the first time that Sonja has said that she has separated from Chivayo.

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