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20 December 2016


. . . dismisses stage-managing claims

SIX days after Soul Jah Love, real name Soul Musaka, received prayers from Prophet Walter Magaya, he returned to give a testimony on Sunday.

Soul Jah Love’s testimony was beamed live on Yadah TV where he dismissed reports circulating on social media that he was paid to stage manage healing.

“I was not paid people of God when Prophet Magaya touched me; I received my healing and my swollen leg changed,” said Soul Jah Love.

“The bandage on my leg is there to cover a healing wound I had gone for two weeks unable to walk or stand. I was losing life daily.

“What happened is that my big toe started swelling and rotting. Puss started oozing out I visited a local clinic to no avail and they advised me to go to Harare Hospital but there were no doctors to attend to me; there were only nurses.


“I could see myself losing life and I asked them to transfer me to a better hospital.

“My turn came after one of my band members, who is also a PHD member, invited me to this ministry and today I testify and give honour to Prophet Magaya’s God.

“When I came here it was a Sunday but the Prophet did not pray for me and ndakangoti ko chibaba hachisi kundionawo here as the Prophet was passing by me several times.

“The following day he spoke more about having faith to receive my healing, I was encouraged and I believed his words.

“When Prophet Magaya touched me I was relaxed and I was healed,” he said.

Soul Jah love who was putting on one shoe to prove that the legs are no longer swollen also apologised to all prophets and men of God.

“Ndoda kutaura zvichibva pasi pemoyo uye vanhu vamwari vandibatsire ndiregerereiwo nekutuka, kushora nekunyomba kwandakaita vanhu vaMwari mumimhanzi yangu.”


The Minana singer asked for forgiveness from prophet Magaya who told him that he had been forgiven.

“Jah Love you have been forgiven long back and I also forgave you,” said Prophet Magaya.

Prophet Magaya took time again to prophecy on Soul Jah Love.

“In three weeks’ time Soul Jah love will be completely healed; God told me this,” said Prophet Magaya.

Soul Jah love also spoke on the locks he shaved when he visited Prophet Magaya.

“Prophet Magaya didn’t ask me to remove my dread locks; no I just thought of it that I am meeting a man of God and this was my first time to be in church,” he said.

Prophet Magaya later warned social media abusers who went on social media circulating some clips saying that Magaya paid Soul Jah Love.


“Let me warn those who abuse social platforms and attack me saying that I am fake and I am paying people,” said Prophet Magaya.

“How can I pay a person with leg ulcer to heal? Don’t be carried away fighting this Ministry as long as you are alive because one day you will be here whether by your choice or by someone’s choice,” said Prophet Magaya.

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