Soul Jah Love faces ‘death’ in SA

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Soul Jah Love faces ‘death’ in SA


11 October 2018

Soul Jah Love

…’only his head will be returned to Zimbabwe.’

A Pretoria-based budding promoter, Eddy Mashayamombe, is fuming and has promised to “decapitate” Soul Jah Love’s head if he ever sets his foot in the country.

This follows the artist’s no-show last Sunday resulting in fans running amok and destroying property worth thousands of rands at House 28 in Pretoria.

The promoter has vowed that if the talented Jah Love dares to come to South Africa “only his head will be returned to Zimbabwe”.

Jah Love had personally been advertising the show on social media through short videos – a sign he had endorsed the gig.

“I had an agreement with Soul Jah Love to come and perform last week. He never pitched up even after paying him a deposit of R7000. I spent almost R26 000 on flight tickets only after he told me he can’t catch an early afternoon flight. I had to buy the tickets twice and then munhu orega kuuya,” said an upset Mashayamombe.

He showed H-Metro tickets bought for Soul Muzavazi Musaka, Victor Mukumana (Victaks who was the DJ) and Tatenda Lyndon Madora aka Super Yut.

“We last communicated with them around 4pm and they said they were at the airport. They switched off their phones and I had people waiting for them at OR Tambo Airport until after 10pm,” he said adding that the musician didn’t give reasons why they never pitched as they were not responding to any messages.

Mashayamombe, who had been at the bar collecting entry fees from fans, fled the bar just after midnight leaving his other colleagues to deal with the irate fans.

According to one of the organisers, in the process of trying to refund those who had paid, some rogue elements who were milling outside also wanted to be “refunded” and all hell broke loose. The fans ran amok destroying the sound system and furniture in the bar. The thugs also ransacked the tills and made away with some cash and booze.

Eddy Mashayamombe

“The owner of the bar reported me to the police and he opened a case of vandalism against me. I have to go to court to answer to the charges as the organizer of the show,” said Mashayamombe.

“What I want to tell Soul Jah Love is he must reimburse me my money for the air tickets, deposit and expenses that run around R40 000. Unless all my expenses and the damages caused at the bar are paid I want to let all the promoters around South Africa that even if they hire him to perform, I will make sure he will not perform. I will even use my power to pursue him in Harare,” said the livid Mashayamombe adding he staged the show as part of raising medical funds for his mum who is currently hospitalized at Parirenyatwa Hospital in Harare.

For the past two days this writer has been trying to reach out to the Soul Jah Love camp. Firstly, Victaks referred us to their “manager” identified as Rocca Fella who is in the United Kingdom. He in turn promised to get back with a response but 24 hours later he had not done so. Messages to Soul Jah Love went unanswered.

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