Sound engineer challenges education chiefs

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Sound engineer challenges education chiefs


Edwin Nhukarume, Entertainment Reporter

EXPERIENCED sound engineer, Gloria Goliath`- Saungweme, has challenged the education system to include a comprehensive Audio Engineering curriculum.

Gloria said education institutions in Zimbabwe are not doing enough to inculcate students with enough knowledge in Sound Engineering.

“I have realised that there is a need to introduce a new curriculum for Audio Engineering as I have noticed that most of the students being churned out of the colleges lack the required knowledge and skill.

“The curriculums used in our local institutions are not doing enough on mixing and mastering to come up with a quality sound and a lot of practical expertise is lacking.

“I have seen it on students coming from MSU and Music Crossroads Zimbabwe, they struggle during their period on attachment,” said Goliath.

“MSU students seem to specialise more on music theory than sound and know more on playing instruments and music notes.

“When I came from now defunct National Conferencing Arts and Theatre of Zim (NATCAZ) as a student I was permanently employed by Macheso and Orchestra Mberikwazvo as a sound engineer and they were impressed with my practical skills,” she added.

Gloria has an ambition to open her own college majoring on Audio Engineering.

“I once proposed for a comprehensive curriculum on Sound Engineering to the government and nothing has materialised at the moment.

“I am looking forward to open a college in the near future,” she said.

Gloria said the Zimbabwean music industry should come up with a standard quality sound that should be internationally accepted.

“It is the time our music industry start to have one standard sound that does not have problems when submitted to international stations like MTV, Trace and even BBC.

“For us to achieve that we have to make sure all studios come together and we find a way we can come up with international products that do not lack sound quality.

“It is my dream to bring them together and we make a way forward.”

Gloria is the one who coordinated the Oliver Mtukudzi sendoff gig at National Sports Stadium and was responsible for the sound system used at Samanyanga’s funeral at home and the rural areas with the help of Events Evolution, Hard Sounds Pro Audio, Divine Concert and Dollar Bill.

She worked for Macheso from 2005 to 2012, and she is the founder and chairperson of Association of Audio Engineering Society of Zimbabwe.

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