Tadious Manyepo

Sports Reporter

MICHAEL Charamba and Richard Hachiro have become more than just Chicken Inn teammates.

They are now a family bound together by their religious beliefs.

Although Charamba attends the Tabernacle and Grace Ministries and Hachiro goes to Glad Tidings, the two have connected so well.

Charamba paraded a biblical verse on a T-shirt inside his jersey, while celebrating Chicken Inn’s second goal against Highlanders on Sunday.

That assurance goal took the game beyond Bosso and helped Prince Matore’s team to within six points of the leaders, with 13 matches still to be played, this season.

“I do this often. I have a mission to spread the word of God,” said Charamba.

“I have scored seven goals this season and I have displayed a different bible verse each time.

“The aim is to share the word with everyone – from players to the fans.

“My celebrations are never provocative in nurture. I just roll up my shirt and allow everyone to read the Bible messages printed there. By doing that, I hope to touch souls”.

Charamba added:

“I have wonderful teammates, we might not be all congregants of my church but we click a lot since we all believe there is an Almighty God in Heaven.

“I am very happy with how they respond to the messages. We pray a lot with them and I feel the environment is very much enabling for me”.

And Hachiro has also joined Charamba in ministering the word.

“Hachiro has also joined me. We are now family. He goes to a different church but we are kept together by the universality of the bible teachings,” Charamba said.

“In all we do, we put God first. We have a group as a team and often, we discuss the Bible and I am very happy.

“I grew up a Christian and getting to work in an environment that also allows one to impart the word to others is a blessing”.

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