‘Spiritual sex for over a year’

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‘Spiritual sex for over a year’ Madzibaba Spenlodge


H-Metro Reporter

A Kariba woman who was reportedly bedding a spiritual husband for more than a year has been delivered.

The woman Severine Chisora who recently went to National FM’s programme host Kuda Machiri seeking help from well-wishers received her deliverance from Johane Masowe YeChishanu sect in Highfields.

Severine Chisora

Severine claims she was delivered at a shrine under the aegis of Madzibaba Spenlodge Madenyika in Lusaka, Highfield and her bleeding which she endured for more than a year also stopped.

“For the past one and half years I was bleeding.

“Ndainzwa mumba mune munhu aifema then I would start to bleed.

“I then went to National FM in a bid to get assistance that’s where I got to hear about Madzibaba Spenlodge.

“I am delivered and at the same time healed from the problem which was affecting me for a long period,” she said.

She added:

“Due to this problem I am finding it difficult to have someone who can marry me.

“My prayers have been heard. I am now free.”

Contacted for comment Madzibaba Spenlodge said he does not comment in the newspaper.

“It’s someone’s privacy and I have nothing much to comment but I can confirm there is lady who came seeking help.

“She went to National FM that’s where she got the directions.

“She is healed that’s what I can safely say,” he said.

Meanwhile, in an effort to reduce road traffic accidents, Vapostori in Highfield have resorted to erecting humps in busy roads that pass through their shrine.

Madzibaba Spenlodge said he is saddened to see people losing lives in accidents due to speeding.

“Vanhu varikutsikwa, so we have decided to erect humps to ease the burden which is affecting people in Highfield.

“It’s sad to see people losing lives due to reckless driving being done by several drivers.

“The humps will see drivers reducing speed and this will go a long way towards saving lives,” he said.

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