Sport and Recreation, heart of local communities: Coventry

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Sport and Recreation, heart of local communities: Coventry Sports minister Kirsty Coventry


Paul Pindani recently in Norton

Minister of Sport, Art and Recreation, Kirsty Coventry, has said that Sport and Recreation are at the heart of local communities.

In a speech read on her behalf by Sport, Recreation Commission, Director I Vambe, during the Chivero Challenge Live Again 2020 that was held at Lake Chivero, the minister said we need sport and recreation now more than ever.


” Sport and recreation are at the heart of our local communities, even in the most challenging of circumstances.


” Sport and physical activity are crucial to both our physical and mental health- both of which have been tested by this pandemic.


” It has become an incredibly difficult year for the entire country, including the whole sports and recreation sector,” she said.


Coventry said that it was not an exaggeration to say that the pandemic had profoundly affected all sectors of the economy, including environment, tourism, sporting landscape, and will continue to do so for many more months to come.


” It is our hope that the challenge will continue to attract both professional athletes and amateurs from a broad range of abilities, interests and spectators.


” After today and tomorrow’s events, funds raised will assist with proper environmental management within the Lake through Kuimba Shiri Bird Park and Chivero Basin Conservancy,” said Coventry.


She said that her ministry was working tirelessly to improve Sport tourism.


Coventry said that the government is moving forward in supporting Sport and recreation to the marginalized and vulnerable by constructing and refurbishing of sport and recreation facilities at Tugwi Mukosi, Chambuta Children’s home to mention just a few which are all initiatives the government is doing to support sport and recreation facilities.


” I can assure you that my ministry will play it’s role in ensuring that sport and recreation activities at Lake Chivero will receive the attention of the ministry,” she said.

This year’s challenge focused on Marathon, Horse Riding, Mountain Biking, Rowing and Enduro.

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