ST Emmo remixes national anthem

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ST Emmo remixes national anthem The Movement


Trust Khosa, Assistant News Editor

Affable music producer and philanthropist St Emmo is a creative genius with the Midas Touch.

Born Emmerson Mnangagwa, the 32-year-old has released a remix of the Zimbabwe national anthem at a time the country is celebrating its 41st independence.

ST Emmo

Aptly named Anthem Remix, St Emmo – real name Emmerson Mnangagwa – featured his most trusted clique, The Movement on this song.


The clique is made up of Sylent Nqo, IAMKING and Corny3DKeys.

ST Emmo

In the song, St Emmon showed his creative edge after he fused different genres, especially jazz and house with a soothing and modern Zimbabwean sound.


In the five minutes and 56 seconds song, his friend IAMKING played the saxophone with absolute finesse while Sylent Nqo played the guitar.

Keyboardist Corny3DKeys who is part of The Movement showed his class while Farirai did the vocals.


What raises the appeal of the song is that the Zimbabwe national anthem is performed one minute 35 seconds with the late Vice President Joshua Nkoma’s speech being read in the song.


Asked how long he took working on the song and how he linked up with The Movement, St Emmo said:


“It took me about a year and a half, I worked on it with The Movement (Sylent Nqo, IAMKING and Corny3DKeys).


“Well, I was in studio with The Movement and I had just played them a beat and next thing the guys just started mixing it with the anthem, it was all unplanned so the studio session itself was fun and out of the blue.”


St Emmo, who started off his career in Cape Town before he returned to Zimbabwe, said he enjoyed the whole recording experience with the quartet.


“I produced the song, it was such an amazing process considering the message behind was and is unity hence it came out on Independence Day.


“Currently, I am working on other songs which I can’t wait for everyone to listen to.


“I’m working on a song with Nutty O and Poptain, that is all I can say for now. People have to wait until I release them since work in progress,” he said.


St Emmo said he was pleased by the progress he has made to penetrate the sub-region.


“I am making strides trying to make some music with a few international artists, I was based in South Africa for eight years.


“I only moved back here in 2013 but when I was there I worked with a few guys there. I am based in Harare Zimbabwe,” he said.


As a seasoned producer who has achieved it all, St Emmo has a piece of advice to fellow producers following in his footsteps.


“My message to fellow musicians and producers who are grinding is ,keep producing , keep making music, don’t stop and follow your passion.


“If it’s music and producing keep doing what you love and if you doing it for the right reasons everything will fall into place.”


Like most of his peers St Emmo said he was not spared by the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic.


“Financial income has been a huge problem for most of us during the pandemic, no bookings and no events, that’s where we get our financial income so the lockdown has affected that. I think it has affected musicians and producers worldwide.


“Hopefully soon the pandemic will end and maybe in a year or so, we can go back to making magic.”


To fellow Zimbabweans in despair during the Covid-19 lockdown, St Emmo urged them to be patient and firm.


“Be patient, don’t chase money…don’t do things for the love of money.


“Do it for the passion, I know it’s hard to understand that if you need money on a daily basis but if you passionate about your work and it isn’t about the money, your work will start to speak for itself because your passion will come to fruition.


“Do it for the passion and be real to your music,” he added.


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