ST John’s Chikwaka High School hosted its Annual Speech and Prize Giving Ceremony on Saturday. The ceremony was well attended with School Development Committee members, parents and representatives of the school’s various partners among those present.

In his opening remarks, the school head, Brian Mandikutse expressed gratitude to the parents who had made the journey to come and support their children.

He went on to emphasise the importance of having parents involved in their children’s academic issues.

Mandikutse also had some words of motivation for the students, especially those who are sitting for their exams, encouraging them to aim high and achieve academic excellence.

Stewart Bingadadi, the guest of honour from Baker’s Inn, who was accompanied by Erick Ncube, said he was delighted to be invited for this important event.

“I am reliably informed that St John’s High School was established in 1972, with a total of 300 students and, as of today, the school has 1042 students,44 Teaching Staff and 33 non-teaching Staff.

“In 1998 An ‘A’ Level complex was commissioned by Honourable D.I Karimanzira.

The Administration and Science laboratories were commissioned in 1989.

“The solar projects, school website,, biogas project and CCTV were commissioned by the Anglican Diocese of Harare Dr Farai Mutamiri in May 2022.”

The school also got a Diocesan award for the 2022 A’ and ‘O’ level best results.

“I am reliably informed that the school last scored a 100% pass rate at ‘A’ level with three learners with 20 points, two with 17 points three with 16 points, 15 with 15 points 12 with 14 points.

“O’ level had an 84.9% pass rate with the highest obtaining 12 As.

“I would like to say I am pleased to be associated with the Anglican Diocese of Harare Church of the Province of Central Africa, which is committed to the education of the Zimbabwean child.”

The Diocese aspires for the provision of quality education which focuses on mental, emotional, spiritual and psycho-motor development of the child.

“No wonder why the school has been able to grow from glory to glory in all aspects of the curriculum at District, Provincial and National level.”

The school has also expanded in terms of infrastructure and this is the home of Education with production. 

The school has been producing quality academic results and has competed very well at District, Province and National levels.

“You will also agree with me that this among others, is the reason why demand for places is high at this institution.

“This high demand has challenged the available resources creating the need for further expansion of learning infrastructure and staff accommodation hence the birth of Infrastructure Development Fund in the Anglican Schools.

“Curriculum has broadened to include more technical vocational subjects. I am informed that Food Technology, Music, Art and Design, Geometrical and Mechanical Engineering Drawing have been introduced to add on to the tech-voc subjects available. This will further improve the quality of the product from the school.

“The school is running a thriving piggery project, an ever green garden, a poultry project and a tuckshop. 

“These projects support the school’s dining needs hence cutting on the cost of feeding the boarders. From the piggery project, a bio digester was built and the kitchen is using the gas for cooking,” he said.

Courtesy of BAKER’S INN

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