Star FM listener gets makeover

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Star FM listener gets makeover Phathisani Sibanda and KVG


H-Metro Reporter

The Star FM 326 duo of Phathisani Sibanda and KVG handed one of their listeners a dream Christmas when they gave him a complete 4 May makeover.

Albert Alifinali described the makeover as a complete transformation and a dream come true.

“Frankly speaking, l didn’t see that coming, it was a huge miracle to me. Kana Jehovah vakati ndezvako , its yours for real. Ndakatongo tryer number yacho zvekutamba. After a couple of seconds l heard  a soft silk voice saying “hi you are live on Star FM. It’s 326  and then they asked me some questions and l got them all correct.

Before…Albert Alifinali

“I was  so mesmerized and  over the moon,  l could feel it in every nerve in my body. l’ve been with Star FM since day one, straight up, no lie,” said the 24-year-old.

Albert was taken to the sponsors 4 May where he got a formal makeover.

“Frankly speaking  4May is full of happy souls. l was treated like a King. At first l was low-key shy but ndakazonakinzwa  bigtime.

“l was dressed by Brother Brighton and Mrs Chimedza; thumbs up to them. After being dressed by 4May l was looking fresh to death. . . My mom cried when she saw me. She couldn’t even believe it and she  was full of joy. She couldn’t even say a word; 4May recreated me, it was phenomenal!”

After…Albert Alifinali

Albert says he had never worn formal clothes in his life.

“Frankly speaking,  it was my first time to be in formal . l grew up wearing boots, jeans and sweaters . . . I used to adore other people’s suits but now they’re the ones who are adoring my suit #GodsPlan,” bragged Albert.

The 24-year-old is still grateful for the makeover,

“I want to give enough respect to Star FM, Phathisani and KVG in particular and to Mr & Mrs Chimedza from 4May for dressing me. Thanks for transforming me into a Gentleman. I am now looking dandy . Thank you so very much. May Jehovah glorify you in everything that you do  # InfinityBlessings,” said Albert.

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