Start with the kids

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Start with the kids


Today we have a story of a man who has been jailed six months effective for assaulting a bar lady over cigarettes.

Drunk or sober, we have many sad examples of men like this character who think women are objects of abuse.


They resort to violence whenever they have disagreements with women and their wives are at the end of constant physical abuse.


The sad thing is they pass their bad behavior down to their sons and all the young people that witness it.


Most men who turn into violent husbands either grew up in a violent family where they witnessed their father assaulting their mother every chance he got or they were abused themselves growing up.


For our society to stop reasoning in a violent manner therefore, we need to start activism against gender violence, or any other form of violence for that matter, in schools. We need to educate pupils as young as Grade Ones that violence is barbaric, that real men, or women, don’t fight.


We need to tell them that they have a right to live in a violent-free home, school and society and must report to superiors if they are subjected to any form of violence.


It is a good thing the law does not allow teachers to beat up pupils because by administering corporal punishment, teachers are saying to students, anyone who does something wrong must be beaten up. So should we be surprised when those students grow into abusive partners?


It is sad that many adults think if harmed physically, children can change aspects of their character to suit the adults’ preferences. That is a wrong and most unfortunate assumption.


Such acts are not only cruel and criminal but also the reason why many young people grow up into failures who easily resort to violence as a solution.


There is no way one can speed up a child’s understanding by physically hurting them. That is what kills every child’s love for school or learning and turns the child into a violent partner later in life.


Parents and teachers, please take note.


Violence has not ended because we are tackling the problem from the wrong end. Trying to educate grown up people who strongly believe violence can solve domestic problems is akin to teaching them Greek.


The law must punish people caught on the wrong side of violence and use them as examples for the young (who have a chance to reform their mentality) so that the next generation will have a violence-free society.


Let us remember to nurture a generation of children that sees no violence, thinks no violence and only knows peace. It begins with the young.



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