Zvikomborero Parafini

THE fraud trial of the former ZIFA executive is set to resume on November 3 after the State changed its mind on withdrawing the case against them.

Ex-ZIFA president, Felton Kamambo, and his accomplices Philemon Machana, Stanley Chapeta, Joseph Mamutse and Bryton Malandule have challenged the State to prove that they were validly and lawfully suspended as members of the ZIFA executive.

They also accused members of the Sports and Recreation Commission of misinforming the public and concocting the allegations against them.

The administrators finally lost their posts on the ZIFA board after FIFA interverned and came up with a normalisation committee to lead domestic football.

Until then, the world football governing body were backing Kamambo and his colleagues as the recognised leaders of Zimbabwean football.

Kamambo and his team were first suspended from their posts by the Sports and Recreation Commission.

The legal consequence of the suspension of the executive committee is that they had no authority whatsoever to transact any business on behalf of ZIFA, whether orally or in writing.

But, after their suspension, they wrote various letters suspending various members of the ZIFA Congress.

Their actions, the State alleges, caused prejudice to the good administration of ZIFA and football clubs in Zimbabwe.

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