State declines to prosecute Lorraine Guyo

Zvikomborero Parafini

The State yesterday declined to prosecute socialite Lorraine Guyo for fraud, saying there was insufficient evidence.

The matter was turned back at the vetting stage before she appeared before a magistrate.

Guyo was briefly detained on Monday evening before being released into the custody of her lawyers.

The brief circumstances are that Guyo had entered into an agreement to sell her car to the complainant for US$4 500, and payment would be in instalments.

The complainant is said to have paid US$1 400 in two instalments and then stopped despite already using the car.

Guyo engaged the complainant several times and repossessed the car, indicating that she would only release it after payment had been made.

The complainants then reported the matter to the police leading to Guyo’s brief detention.

The complainant was advised to approach the Civil Court if aggrieved.

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