State impeaches star witness

15 May, 2019 - 13:05 0 Views
State impeaches star witness David Parirenyatwa


Zvikomborero Parafini, Court Reporter

Former Natpharm board chairman and one of the state’s star witnesses in former Minister David Parirenyatwa’s abuse of office case was yesterday impeached after the court ruled that he was hostile.

Deputy Chief Magistrate Elijah Makomo yesterday ruled that Dr George Washaya following the application by prosecutor Brian Vito to have him impeached after he gave evidence exonerating the former minister.

Washaya departed from the statement he gave to the police saying Parirenyatwa was being wrongly charged and in fact deserved an accolade for handpicking Newman Madzikwa to become the Natpharm managing director replacing Flora Sifeku.

“State sought an impeachment of its witness saying he was inconsistent with his statement as he came out in the open saying Parirenyatwa should be given accolades for what he did despite his earlier evidence that the minister had violated the law.

“He justified the minister’s actions that it was under unusual circumstances, the new dispensation demanded medicines in hospitals yet Sifeku was not performing to task.

“The new minister of health Obadiah Moyo dissolved the Natpharm board when he assumed office which the witness didn’t take lightly and is appealing at the High Court which could be the reason why he is now hostile, he is aggrieved that’s why he has turned against the state, the party that called him,” said Makomo.

Magistrate Makomo also made reference to how Dr Washaya constantly talked of the unjustified actions of minister Obadiah Moyo.

The matter was remanded to May 22 when prosecutor Brian Vito is set to cross examine Dr Washaya on his new evidence.

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