Stationery, uniform prices go up

06 May, 2019 - 13:05 0 Views
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Mediator Setoboli and Kudzaishe Chikuturudzi

SCHOOL uniforms and stationery prices have been raised a week before schools open.

School shirts prices now cost $95 from around $85 in Enbee shop, winter trousers are costing $130 from $110 and a pair of shorts and shirts now cost $150 from $120.

The sales woman for Enbee said the reason for the price increase has been demand of uniforms against supply and the period of back to school and the winter season.

“It is winter time and prices for winter uniforms have risen even when comparing with the other shops.


“Prices are up because where we get them they have also risen thus we end up making no profit if we sell at a cheaper price.

“And when schools are about to open, the uniforms and stationery will be on demand making shops raise prices,” said the sales woman.

There is also a big difference in stationery pricing regime between shops and vendors.

Books at TM supermarket, a 72page exercise book now cost $2, three quire now cost $11.99, and plastic covers at $1.59 while the vendors books costs $10 three quire.

Vendors said they have cheaper prices on stationery because they are competing with the shops.

“If we have the same prices with the shops we will not make money because customers will have no reason to buy from us.

“We are here to make money and make sure that there is profit,” said the vendor.

Surprisingly school shoes prices have also gone up depending on sizes and there are a lot of different prices in Bata.

“The reason why we have different prices is because we have been competing with the vendors outside.

“Our highest price due to back to school is $93 on school shoes,” said Bata sales man.

Prices within vendors have not changed because they say they get the shoes from South Africa.

“We get the shoes from South Africa and people say they are of cheap quality that’s why we sell them at $40 and we never change our prices,” said the vendor.

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