Step father jailed for attempted rape

17 May, 2022 - 00:05 0 Views
Step father jailed for attempted rape


Zvikomborero Parafini 

A 50-year-old Harare man has been sentenced to five years in prison for attempting to rape his 12-year-old step daughter.

Alexander Mauye (50) had two years suspended on condition he doesn’t commit a similar offence in the next five years. 

The State proved that in June last year, the complainant, while on holiday, moved from Chinembiri homestead in Chivhu to Budiriro, where Mauye resided with her mother.

On August 22, at around midnight, the complainant went to bed with her siblings, in their parents’ bedroom.

They slept on the floor in the bedroom and a wardrobe was used to separate them from their parents’ bed.

The court heard that an hour later, the complainant woke up and saw her step father naked on top of her.

He had removed her under garments.

The minor screamed and her mother woke up.

She saw her naked husband coming from where the children were sleeping.

She took the child to her brother’s house and a police report was filed.

Mauye pleaded not guilty at the start of the trial.

Cecelia Mashingaidze appeared for the State.

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