STI exposes Madzibaba’s rape case

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STI exposes Madzibaba’s rape case


 Arron Nyamayaro

A SEXUALLY Transmitted Infection (STI) has exposed a local self-styled prophet’s alleged rape case.

The matter came to light after a Chipinge woman revealed that she was experiencing problems being intimate with her husband.

She claimed her problems started three years ago and accuses one, Madzibaba Joshua, of raping her, in November 2019.

The victim’s sister is believed to have invited Madzibaba Joshua to her Ushewokunze house to pray for her.

It was during these “unholy” prayers that the woman was allegedly raped. The victim got married in 2020 and disclosed the rape ordeal to her husband after experiencing pains during intimacy.

Madzibaba Joshua is reported to be on the run after she reported the rape case last Friday.

Harare provincial police spokesperson, Inspector Luckmore Chakanza confirmed the case and appealed for information that may lead to Madzibaba Joshua’s arrest.

“Circumstances were that the complainant’s sister invited (the) Madzibaba to cleanse her of an avenging spirit she claimed was manifesting in her.

“During the prayer session, Madzibaba Joshua claimed to have hooked the avenging spirit and the victim’s sister left the two in the house.

“Madzibaba Joshua ordered the victim to undress and she refused.

“Madzibaba Joshua is reported to have undressed the victim forcefully and she ran outside naked to inform her sister about the matter.

“Her sister convinced her to follow what Madzibaba was instructing her to do.

“Madzibaba took a liquid believed to be paraffin and smeared it on his manhood and raped the woman.

“The victim informed her sister about the evil act and the two agreed to conceal the matter.

“The victim started to experience pains and discharges from her private parts. She got married and disclosed the rape to her husband.

“The couple agreed to visit Harare to lodge a police report against Madzibaba Joshua,” said Insp Chakanza.

The victim, and her husband, delayed lodging a police report as they were unaware that a report could have been made at their nearest police station in Chipinge.

Rape victims are urged to lodge reports, as soon as possible, in order to receive treatment and for evidence to be gathered against perpetrators.

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