Stiffer penalties for errant drivers

16 Nov, 2018 - 14:11 0 Views
Stiffer penalties for errant drivers Fortune Chasi


16 November 2018

Fortune Chasi

THE Deputy Minister for Transport and infrastructure development Fortune Chasi is calling for stiffer penalties for public transport drivers who violate traffic regulations.

Speaking in the house of Senate yesterday, Chasi said drivers were being found at the wrong side of the law because they were being given lighter penalties.

“There is need for fine charges to be increased because drivers especially those for public transport are taking people’s lives for granted.

“For example, if someone crosses a red robot and is fined $20 it’s not fair because that amount is not enough to even repair the vehicle damaged, so as a Ministry we are looking into that.

“In Harare the situation has become serious because we now have drivers who are actually driving facing oncoming traffic,” he said.

Chasi added that there was also need for strict monitoring of public transport drivers to be mature enough to ferry passengers.

“We are having a situation where kombi drivers are mainly reckless young people who are not experienced when it comes to driving.

“There is need to issue out licences for drivers of public transport to individuals who are 25 years and above.

“The Rusape incident has taught us a lesson that there is need for stiffer penalties to be implemented.

“This is not going to happen overnight as there are procedures that will be taken but what I can assure you is we are certainly going to make sure these policies are implemented,” he said.

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