Stop raping toddlers!

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Stop raping toddlers!


Madness! That is the only way to describe what is happening in this country as far as rape and other sexual offenses is concerned.

The stories that have happened over the last two days have been particularly astounding.

‘Father rapes 2-year-old’ was one of the headlines. How bizarre is that!?

This story is of a 41-year-old soldier who appeared in court accused of raping his own two-year-old daughter.

This man would force oral sex on his child and raped her on several occasions.

The minor revealed the case to the maid who then made a police report.

The minor testified in camera and she described what her father had done to her.

The medical affidavit that the two-year-old obtained from the hospital and showed that she had been abused several times and her privates had severe ruptures from sexual intercourse.

A two year old!

Her own father!

Then there was a story headlined “Cop nabbed for raping 4-year-old” in which a police officer attached to the ZRP Police Protection Unit was yesterday dragged to court to answer to rape charges after he reportedly raped his 4-year-old neighbour.

Both cases have accused people as adults in positions of trust and as members of the uniformed forces who are supposed to be custodians of the law.

While both matters are subjudice, it is important to note that there are many similar cases that are haunting children.

Raping toddlers!

That, from an adult perspective, is downright diabolic.

To leave all the adult women – many of whom are desperate for men and some of whom even prostitute for a living – and abuse babies is to be the worst criminal.

With the increasing cases of statutory rape that are being dealt with every day at the magistrates courts, it may be necessary for the justice system to be sterner on these criminals.

Jail them, punish these devils!

Many sick men have probably seen how lenient the judgments are on statutory rapists that they have gone to abuse young girls.

It is sad that even parents are perpetrators of crimes as heinous as rape against their own kids.

Some parents and relatives are also more eager to protect criminals at times for monetary gain. Young girls are raped by men old enough to be their grandfathers and the parents are bribed by money, paid through lobola or as outright bribes to stop them from reporting the sexual abusers.

The public – neighbours, friends and relatives – must report such parents to the police without delay.

It is a good thing the ZRP has availed various channels for people to report such crimes and remain anonymous.

Let us report sex offenders we see in our society to create a safe Zimbabwe for children.

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