‘Stray’ cattle destroy farm produce @ Khami

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‘Stray’ cattle destroy farm produce @ Khami Khami Medium Prison chiefs


10 October 2018

Khami Medium Prison chiefs

AUTHORITIES at Khami Prison Complex are losing part of their farm produce to ‘stray’ cattle, which has affected their yield.

This was revealed by Principal Correctional Services officer Godfrey Navela during a recent tour of the facility where it emerged that a herd of cattle from the surrounding community strayed into their farm and destroyed Lucerne grass, which is ready for harvesting.

Lucerne grass is stock feed, which is recommended for cattle and the authorities at Khami sell part of it to local farmers.

“There is a herd of cattle which strayed into our farm and destroyed Lucerne grass which is ready for harvesting.

“Lucerne is a special stock feed that we give to our cattle here and we also sell some of it to other farmers in Gweru and surrounding towns.

“The grass is watered by sewage water and it is recommended for cattle,” he said.

Navela appealed to well-wishers to donate a security fence so that they safeguard their farm produce from cattle.

“We don’t have a proper fence to protect our farm produce from animals and it would be nice if we can get a sponsor to help us.

“We are also appealing to the community to look after their cattle and we have been engaging them constantly to ensure that we protect our farm produce which is under threat,” he said.


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