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8 January 2019

Hello H-Metro readers and fashion enthusiasts,

I feel blessed that I started 2019 on a flier after being afforded this opportunity to contribute in your widely read tabloid in the country.

I have been longing and praying for this opportunity to come.

I am writing in my own capacity as a fashionista, stylist and entrepreneur.

Of course many refer to me as Fashion Police but I now embrace the moniker fans are giving me.

As a fashionista who started off selling wares in the street playing cat and mouse with the police until owned my shop in the CBD, I see the grace of the Lord when I reflect on my past.

As a youthful entrepreneur, I have seen quite a lot in this business where competition is very tough.

I urge all young entrepreneur to persevere and being innovative to conquer in this industry. Read on…


My real name is Annie Humbira even though many prefer calling me Fashion Police.

I am in my early 30s and God has blessed me with three children whom I love so dearly.

Currently, I stay in Marlborough with my family.

I like to see myself as a hardworking individual and an honest one.

My family is my everything for they are who I am today and I live by that code “Family is life”. I am an opportunist when it comes to surviving.


My vision is to go regional with aspiration to go international in the near future.

If all goes by plan I am going to start my very own Fashion Police TV Show.

Basically the television will be promoting new fashion trends.

I also work my brother Andy Humbira.


My source of inspiration are my kids.

They are the ones who keep me going and the reason why I do so much love for them.

My family also remains the pillar of strength.


Well, I would say that I am that type of child who was very passionate about food.

I loved my food and sometimes I would cry if there wasn’t any food at home.

I would even dress myself with oversized dresses of my mom not knowing one day it would inspire me.


My passion for fashion has always been second to none.

I have reached a point whereby I feel what one wears determines what you are and at the end of the day Fashion should be a way of life.

I can’t say am a designer but am aspiring to get there. I didn’t go to any fashion related programme.


My breakthrough came when I attracted artistes, who boosted my customer base.

The artistes I dress have also managed to promote my brand.

It’s also good dealing with people who are well known.

  • FAME

Being a famous person in town, I have learnt how to handle it.

As you know, fame brings a lot of attention which has prompted me to be up to standard with my daily life.


I am aware that many people would love to know my marital status.

Currently, I am a single mom focusing on this new found career which demands a lot.


Copying has been a challenge.

I am also trying to balance between family time and representing the Fashion Police brand.

My biggest challenge is I acquire my inventory in China,South Africa and Tanzania, which is also challenging.


I am always glancing at fashion shows particularly Western shows to keep me up to date with the trending fashion   and also social media.

In this business we ought to research widely to ensure we keep up to date with new fashion trends.

I always research to ensure we don’t lag behind.


From Monday to Saturday, I  am running my errands and dealing with some upcoming artistes.

I also deliver clothes to some artistes who can’t come to my shop for instance Andy Muridzo and Jah Prayzah.


I managed to open a shop in the hub of Harare where I’ve created a sanctuary for fashion minded individuals.

This has seen me earning respect in the streets which I didn’t have when I was still selling in the  streets.


My manager is called Sydney Chigodora.

He is a very youthful and perfect personnel to be in that position.

He is fashion driven, always hardworking, he feels no limitations which makes him the ideal person to work with.


Some people might be asking why I came up with this brand.

Well, my brand ambassador sang the Fashion Police song which put me on the map.

Wen Andy Muridzo went for a show in the U.K I managed to dress him and bells rang when he went for that show and it was his first show that did bring a lot of customers for me

Embarrassing moment(s)

In my career as a fashionista, I had had worst memories in my career.

Each time I lost my wares in the streets after being confiscated by the Municipality police, was an embarrassment.

The embarrassment taught me to be professional and now I am now operating from a formal place.


Leaving Zimbabwe for South Africa in my early years. I really enjoyed those days.

Everything was just knew.


On a parting shot, I would like to Peter Moyo who has been like a brother on this road with me.

I also grateful to the advice and loyal customers as well and my brothers like Andy and Buju who are behind my success of being fashion driven.

Thank You!

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