Streets Kids on snatching rampage

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Streets Kids on snatching rampage Thieving street kid


Desmond Munemo, H-Metro Reporter

Street kids in the CBD are on a snatching rampage targeting wigs, cell phones, food and purses from unsuspecting women in broad day light.

H-Metro has established that there is a syndicate fronting street kids who are sent out to steal wigs, purses and cellphones from women in return for a paltry amount.

Some assert the incidents are just rowdy street kids turning out to be thieves.

Samantha Jerera from Mabvuku, a victim of snatching, said she was embarrassed after street kids grabbed her wig yesterday at the corner of Jason Moyo Avenue and Sam Nujoma Street.

The woman puts on her recovered wig

“I was texting on WhatsApp, suddenly a street kid grabbed my wig ran away and I had to run after him, luckily some men helped me recover it.

“I could not imagine the site of my natural hair without my wig in town and the embarrassment at work,” she said.

A school girl in the CBD said she now avoids certain roads where street kids target them.

“Last time I was with my friends, these kids took our food and nobody bothered to chase them or assist us,” she said.

A man beating up one street kid who had stolen a wig from a woman said he had cautioned the same kid to stop taking away stuff from people.

“I think there is a syndicate involved where these kids go and sell their loot to. It’s sad that yesterday I told this young fellow to stop stealing things from people and now I have to give him a lesson.

“Some are afraid to go after them when they snatch way away food or other items for fear of beatings or embarrassment but something should be done to stop this,” he said.


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