Stringent measures for Harare water

17 Mar, 2019 - 20:03 0 Views
Stringent measures for Harare water


Letwin Ncube, H-Metro Reporter

STRINGENT measures on water rationing will be enforced in the capital if water sources continue drying up, a senior council employee has said.

During a discussion on the council’s Facebook page, Harare City water manager, Engineer Richard Kunyadini said the measures will be put in place if there are poor rains this coming season.

“I would say drought is an act of God but if we don’t have more rains this coming season, water rationing would be a permanent situation.

“We will have to put in place more stringent measures on our rationing system.

“These measures include more reduction of days for consumption, continued ban on the use of hose pipes but we will spare key institutions like hospitals,” said Kunyadini.

Harare Town Clerk Engineer Hosiah Chisango urged people to conserve water.

“This is now a state of emergency which calls for additional water sources, water tanks and we expect people to conserve water.

“This situation affects everyone even those with boreholes because water tables are affected, everyone is also included in the ban of horse pipes,” said Eng Chisango.

City director of Health Services, Dr Prosper Chonzi advised the nation to be careful on using water.

“This is a crisis and we know many people will turn to different water sources like wells, streams and unprotected boreholes so we advise the nation to treat water before using it.

“Water from such sources must be boiled, or treated using tablets before use.

“We also urge the people to rush to the hospital if they get sick or just show signs or symptoms of diarrhoea, cholera and typhoid; they will receive free treatment,” said Dr Chonzi.

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