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SHAME on you H-Metro!

That was the verdict from some of our readers yesterday in the wake of reports that two married Westridge Primary School teachers, whose adulterous affair was exposed by this newspaper, were FIRED from their jobs.

Some of the readers felt the disgraced teachers should sue their former employers for unfair dismissal.

Thomas Chikanga (51) and Noma Nyathi (36) were caught in bed in the latter’s bedroom in Budiriro by her husband Noel Matiza, a soldier based at Battlefields.

Chikanga is married and has a family in Highfield.

Nyathi claimed she was sex-starved and accussed Matiza of dumping her at their house in Budiriro since October last year.

Yesterday, the story was trending on our social media platforms.

Some of our readers questioned their dismissal and urged them to sue their employer.

Below are some of the comments:

And you feel proud of having caused their dismissal? You have no shame. – Tedious Musinachirevo.

They should sue for unfair dismissal. Teachers are not banned from having boyfriends and girlfriends. –  mrkays.

The reason for dismissal is not valid, maybe, they should have fired them for dating at school since employees are not allowed to date each other according to work conduct and Ministry of Education guildelines. – Jjay.

Did they do this in public? This is their private life. – Julius Shonhiwa.

Asi vanhu ava havana chavakatadza ukanzwa nyaya yacho yese zviri pachena. – Carlton Mugano.

They should file for unfair dismissal, even a night school lawyer can take this school to the cleaners. What you do in your free time is none of the employer’s business. Besides, morality isn’t for everyone. – NMatemai

H-Metro makangodzingisa vanhu mabasa, those were adults with their private life which you invaded. Shame on you. – Monsignor.

You’re responsible! Leave adults issues alone. At least they aren’t fired by the Ministry. You must pay for losses they incur. – Advhockecy.

Work husband & work wife – six_oh_official

If they get a good lawyer they can sue the school unless it’s stipulated in their contracts that they they shall be faithful to their partners, work life and social life are separate entities. –  La_reign_michelle

Midzimu inenge yakurasha. –  b.sakarombe.

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