Student launches prayer book

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Student launches prayer book Believe Mandaza


18 February 2019

Believe Mandaza

Esther Madambi

A Harare Institute of Technology (HIT) student has launched a prayer book called Throneroom Dialoge.

Believe Mandaza, 24, launched the book last Saturday in Harare.

In an interview, Believe said:

“I always loved praying to know more about prayer but I could not find everything I needed.

“Most of the books I came across were from abroad and at some point they do not really deal with the situations in Zimbabwe or in Africa; they address issues in a European perspective.

“Throneroom Dialoge is more of a guide, it tells more on how to pray, how to live the Christ like life, soul winning, the simplified subject of prayer and many other important prayer matters.”

Added Believe:

“It also answer the myths behind successful prayer and one’s character, it needs a good character for prayer to be successful.

“While I was writing this book I faced a lot of challenges, especially with the funding but I would want to thank all the people who pledged help, especially, my parents, the Methodist Church in Zimbabwe, Met Bank, Minister of Sports Kirsty Coventry and other writers for the help.

“If all goes well I am hoping to release another book, before the end of this year,” he said.

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