Student nurse’s protection order bid flops

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Student nurse’s  protection order bid flops


Faith Mandizha

A STUDENT nurse at Parirenyatwa Group of Hospitals has approached the Civil Courts seeking a protection order against her husband.

Florence Chisoma is at odds with her husband, Simbarashe Mupfurutsa, whom accuses of being a prostitute.

“Whenever we have an argument it always ends up in fights.

“Two weeks ago, he grabbed me by the neck and I almost died.

“I didn’t report him to the police because I want us to keep staying together as husband and wife.

“I’m currently staying at school and he accuses me of prostitution,” she said.

Added Chisoma:

“He doesn’t like it when my mother sends us maize or groundnuts so he kicks me and beats me up.

“He insults me in front of our children and maid and now the kids are traumatised.”

In response, Mupfurutsa said:

“She is lying and I have never laid my hands on her.

“She went out and refused to tell me where she was so when she came back I refused to sleep with her in our bedroom.

“She started telling people I attacked her.

“She barely spends time at home, taking night shifts at Parirenyatwa, and we’re both working that’s why I don’t want her to get things from her mother, who lives in the rural areas.”

Magistrate Rutendo Machingura dismissed the case for lack of merit.

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