Student tackles child marriages

Faith Mandizha

HUMANITARIAN and child rights activist, Kudzaishe Masendeke, has said empowering young girls through sustainable projects is an excellent way to foster self-reliance and confidence.

It also creates opportunities for them to generate income.

Kudzaishe, who participated in the 2023 SUSI for Global Student Leaders on Civic Engagement programme in the United States, said her experience pushed her to launch a project aimed at combating child marriages and teenage pregnancy.

 She has established the Sununguka Ndakaterera project, which seeks to teach girls how to overcome challenging circumstances that hinder their educational pursuits.

“Through weekend training classes, the girls are equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to become entrepreneurs in various industries such as poultry, make-up, manicure and hairdressing.

“These sustainable projects not only enable the girls to generate income, but also foster a sense of self-reliance and confidence. I believe that young people possess an incredible amount of knowledge, energy and influence, making them key players in shaping their communities.

“By encouraging active participation and collaboration among the youth, not only will politics, the economy and policies be revolutionised, but a better future for the next generation will be created,” she said.

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