Student teachers stranded

14 Jan, 2020 - 10:01 0 Views
Student teachers stranded


Tanyaradzwa Mamombe, H-Metro Reporter

Student teachers were amongst people who were also rushing back to school with some complaining about the challenges they are facing during training.

Gamuchirai Maedzenge, a third year student at Nyadire Teachers College, felt relieved as she was preparing for practical teaching at a school in Murewa.

“I am happy to go on attachment because things have been difficult at school.

“There are shortages of resources and electricity and its limiting us as students because we cannot do our research on time.

“There is also a shortage of food at school.

“School fees are now expensive and we are failing to make ends meet because the allowance we get on attachment is not enough,” said Maedzenge.

Another student who is in their final year said when they started their first year, things were better but when they got into the field, it was difficult as the allowances were no longer sufficient.

“The allowance that we were getting is not enough as we are required to meet with our supervisors and do research.

“It was not bad being in the field but our education needs to be upgraded in some of the schools in outskirts.

“The learning environment of some schools is not conducive.

“Handiti zvinonzi education is the key to success here saka ngavatipewo maresources tiite basa redu.

“We want better resources,” said one of the student teachers.


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