Gamuchirai Bhachi

A STUDENT has appeared in court appealing for a top up of the maintenance being paid by her father.

Tanyaradzwa Bangwayo, who is a student in Bindura, said the maintenance support she was getting from her father, Victor Bangwayo, was not enough to cater for food, transport and accommodation.

She claimed she used to stay at the campus residential hall but she left due to financial challenges.

“I need him to add the maintenance money. I need him to top up the money with US$210.

“I want this money for accommodation, food and transport.

“I know he is capable of paying the money because he receives rent and he does some craftwork,” said Tanyaradzwa.

Victor disputed her claims and, ironically, pleaded for a downward variation.

“Your Honour, we were in court some time ago and I was ordered to pay US$60 per month and she spends six months at school.

“My salary is US$240 per month and nothing has changed since the last time we appeared before this court.

“If possible I can do a downward variation but, because she is my child, I will try my best to provide for her,” said Victor.

Magistrate Ayanda Dlamini dismissed the application due to lack of merit.

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