Students drained over bus delay

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Students drained over bus delay Daramombe High School students


Tariroyashe Goredema, H-Metro Reporter

School children returning to various boarding schools yesterday appeared stranded and stressed in the capital waiting for their transport.

In a survey conducted by H-Metro, school children seemed to be drained with the ‘back to school’ pressure as most of them complained about transport delays.

Speaking to some of the students from Daramombe High School, they were complaining about being delayed by the school bus as one bus had to fetch over 200 students to and from in batches.

“We have been standing here since morning, others have already left so we will have to wait until the bus returns from Chivhu, it seems like we will be travelling midnight.

“The school has to at least get more buses or hire so that we travel during the day than standing the whole day, its stressful.

“They usually write a bus list according to fees payment but this term it’s not in order, we don’t even know when our names will be called out,” said students.

Speaking to some of the parents, they despised the issue of their children having to travel at night due to transport shortage.

“It is the duty of the school to provide for adequate and sufficient transport for every student especially knowing that we paid school fees, our children have to travel during the day for their safety.

“The school must not send only one bus to pick up a lot of children, bus drivers will end up overloading children which is not a good thing, something really has to be done.

“The school board might hide under the current economic crisis but it has nothing to do with our children’s safety, we pay our fees they have to use that money to hire buses for our children so that they don’t travel at night” said the parent.





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