Students’ organisation targets rural areas

26 Jun, 2020 - 09:06 0 Views
Students’ organisation targets rural areas Nancy Chimwanja


Latwell Nyangu, H-Metro Reporter

Twenty school-going children have come together and formed Young Dreams Organisation aimed at helping young people in the rural setup to focus on their dreams.

The group comprises of 15 girls and five boys.

Founder of the organisation, Nancy Chimwanja, said her desire is to assist the marginalised communities.

“I was someone with a heart of giving since I was at secondary level and I used to donate my clothes, shoes, my uniforms and the spirit grew in me.

“I decided to put it to another level ,so when I was Lower 6 last year ,I started planning to have an organisation which is based on charity.

“I started doing projects to help the vulnerable children in underserved communities like in the rural set up,” she said.

As an organisation, Chimwanja said they aim to bring a smile to every child regardless of gender, family background or life status.

“All I want is vana vekumusha should not be looked down upon and we are mainly based on charity.

“There are youths out there who think they can’t do it because of age or they think it can disturb their studies but not.

“Believe me I started this thing when I was form three and I even passed my O’ Level with flying colours and being a philanthropist did not disturb my studies.

“Don’t degrade your dream because of what the society may think or say, be you don’t be controlled by someone like a remote.

“If I listened to what people said or dai ndakada ku louder too much ndaigona kuudza wrong people ndikaita give up but I knew vanhu vekuudza and they supported and stood by me during the journey,” she added.

Young Dreams helps young people to make their dream come true.

“We advocate for equality between boys and girls from ages of 10 to 18.”

Members of the team are from Kenzim College in Citungwiza.



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